The research and development of ZÉLL-V products is led by the German-French Society for Thymus Therapy (GSFTT) and the International Association for Organ Therapy Specialists Switzerland and Germany (IAOSS). They consist of medical experts in their respective specialties, holding the highest positions in medical societies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and clinics, and are much revered by the global medical community.

This team of international experts have developed the most effective and safe cellular therapy known as ZÉLL-V to treat premature ageing and chronic degenerative disorders. They constantly support ZÉLL-V in terms of medical know-how, conducting scientific research, providing consultations, and giving seminars on the latest advancement in cellular technology and biotherapies.

This international medical advisory panel consists of:

Dr Helmut Brammer

President of the German-French Society for Thymus Therapy; Founder of the German Medical Society for Chelation Therapy

Medical Specialties:

Cellular Therapy, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Homeopathy, Psychotherapy

Dr Brammer has been practising cellular therapy for over 30 years for various indications and has achieved amazing results. He has successfully utilised Lyophilised Fresh Cells (LFC) to improve the lives of patients suffering from so-called incurable diseases. In honour of his achievements, Dr Brammer has been elected as the President of the German-French Society for Thymus Therapy, Germany. He is also the founder of several medical associations as well as the German Medical Society for Chelation Therapy in Germany.

Dr Ursula Jacob

Medical Specialist in General Medicine; Medical Director and Owner of Private Hospital Dr Ursula Jacob GmbH

Medical Specialties:

Cellular Therapy, Tumor Therapy, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Haematology, Homeopathy

Dr Ursula Jacob has been practising rejuvenation medicine for more than 20 years. After serving several years in various medical establishments, Dr Jacob is now the proud founder and owner of the Private Hospital Dr Ursula Jacob GmbH in Hallwangen, Germany, specialising in cell therapy and homeopathy for rejuvenation and anti-ageing. She is a keen researcher in stem cells, cell extracts and growth factors, and has achieved outstanding results in the treatment of degenerative diseases.

Dr Albert Schmierer

Researcher in Cell Mitochondrial and Homeopathic Treatments; Owner & CEO of Dr Zinsser Pharmaceuticals; Owner of Neckartor-Apotheke

Medical Specialties:

Cellular Therapy, Homeopathy, Pharmacology

Dr. Albert Schmierer is one of the leading German researchers in the field of cell mitochondrial as well as homeopathic treatments with a keen interest in anti-ageing medicine, including cell therapy with the emphasis in cell mitochondrial treatment for rejuvenation, regeneration and fighting premature ageing. He is also the chief pharmacist for mitochondrial and homeopathic therapy at the Private Hospital Dr Ursula Jacob GmbH as well as the owner and CEO of Dr Zinsser Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Ulrich Friedrichson

Medical Doctor and Researcher in Cellular Therapy and Gene Therapy; Medical Director and Owner of Praxis Hospital Dr Friedrichson

Medical Specialties:

Cellular Therapy, Gene Therapy, Biochemistry, Preventive and Regenerative Medicine

Dr Friedrichson is a famous researcher and medical specialist in embryonic and foetal cell extract therapy. He has been working on whole cell therapy for anti-ageing, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic neurological diseases and other degenerative diseases since 1976. He prescribes Special Purpose Applications (S.P.A.) focused on rejuvenating and regenerating specific systems of the body according to individual’s needs.


DATO DR Nor Shahidah Khairullah Frcpath

Consultant Aesthetics, Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation Medicine / Global Doctors Specialist Center / CEO & Medical Director, Molecular Research Laboratory, Malaysian Liver Foundation

DR Harry Yeo Kar Kiat

Medical Director & Head Of Medical Unit Of ZÉLL-V

DR Harald Lehmann

Orthopaedic Surgeon and Traumatologist

DR Peter Cremer

Director and owner of the Edith-Liebergeld-Institute, Kiefersfelden, Germany Medical Specialties Holistic Medicine Cellular Therapy

DR Marco Sam Keng Fai

Medical Specialist in Anti-Ageing / Medical Director and Owner of Private Clinic Perfect Beauty Group, Macau

DR Haryani

Medical Specialist in Aesthetics Medicine / Medical Director and Owner of Clinic TIARA ESTETIKA, Indonesia

DR Yaroslav Vasilcisin

Orthopaedic Surgeon and Traumatologist

DR Michael Männel

Medical Doctor and Researcher in Cellular Therapy and Molecular Biology