How ZÉLL-V Began

ZÉLL-V is a leading cellular therapy brand with 20 years of expertise in the anti-ageing industry. It was developed by Ruyi Holdings Sdn Bhd with the mission to enable every individual to enjoy a healthy, vibrant, beautiful and quality life. As the process of ageing remains untreatable with conventional medicine, ZÉLL-V aims to defy ageing by harnessing the body’s own healing and revitalising power through cellular therapy.

With this, ZÉLL-V has collaborated with international medical experts to develop an exclusive formulation – the most advanced cellular therapy to activate cellular repair and regeneration through the use of cutting-edge biotechnology.

ZÉLL-V Journey

Globally Established Anti-ageing Brand

ZÉLL-V is accredited by the International Association for Organ and Stem Cell Therapy Specialists Switzerland and Germany (IAOSS) and the German-French Society for Thymus Therapy (GFSTT), which has 80 years of history, giving customers full assurance of its superb quality and efficacy.

A medical advisory board consisting of international and local medical doctors as well as scientists forms a strong core of support for ZÉLL-V. Over the years, due to excellent quality, services and credentials, we have gained much recognition and favour from medical and wellness institutes, associations, and etc. all over the world.

Today, ZÉLL-V is a global brand available in countries all over the world, including the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Lebanon and Greater China, with countless testimonies by satisfied customers.

ZÉLL-V CEO Message

ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub – One-stop Rejuvenation Centre

The establishment of ZÉLL-V Wellness in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, marks an important milestone for Ruyi Holdings Sdn Bhd, in line with its mission to help its customers obtain true health and wellness both physically and mentally.

With the slogan “Inspiring Better Health”, ZÉLL-V Wellness aims to create a culture of health by emphasising on daily health maintenance and prevention, rather than medical intervention or treatment.

The quest for optimum health of ZÉLL-V’s founder Dato’ Sharon Foong has led her to countries like Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand, where upon discussions with research teams, she realised that optimum health cannot be achieved by one product, one technology or one medical technique alone. With this, Dato’ Sharon Foong decided to establish ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub which aims to help people achieve lifelong health and wellbeing through health screening, education, treatments and planning.

Comprising 15 floors, ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub provides a series of comprehensive services that blend cutting-edge western medicine with eastern healing therapies to answer the timeless desire for overall wellness and body, mind and soul balance. These services include health screenings, cellular therapies, innovative holistic therapies, meditation, scalp and hair treatment, postnatal rejuvenation, talent development, childcare centre, fine dining restaurant, etc.  For more info, visit:

ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub